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Unique Destinations In Brazil

Brazil is a land of magnificent beaches, vast rain forests and music-fueled cities. It bears an astounding variety of natural and cultural wonders. This is the world’s largest country in the tropics, and the only limit to a journey here is your imagination.

Setting the stage are idyllic, palm-covered islands, pristine stretches of coastline fronting emerald seas and jewel-box colonial towns framed against verdant peaks – yet all this is found in just one state. Throughout the other 26 lie dazzling gold-mining towns, futuristic cities of the interior and 18th-century villages whose soul is more African than South American.

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Pousada Picinguaba

Location: Half way between Rio & Sao Paolo
Style: Suites & Villa
# of Rooms: 9 + 1 Honeymoon Suite + 1 Villa

The Island Experience

Location: Ilha Grande
Style: Lodge
# of Rooms: 9

Ponta dos Ganchos

Location: Near Florianopolis
Style: Bungalows
# of Rooms: 25