Ilha Grande, Brazil

The Island Experience spa program

We offer various programs throughout the year. We welcome you to join us at some point to disconnect from the outside world and reenergize.

Our premiere program is a unique 7 day adventure spa and fitness program designed to detox your body and de-stress your mind. Our philosophy is oriented more towards lifestyle changes and improved eating habits that leave you totally aligned and balanced.

A typical day is filled with meditative yoga that leaves you centered, challenging physical activities alongside our professional trainers, delicious and healthy meals that purify and energize, and a euphoric massage that leaves you peaceful and positively glowing. The combination of all these elements are truly life transforming.

We operate this amazing program from March through mid December on a Sunday to Saturday basis. Extended packages are available. We limit our groups to no more than 12 guests per week and considering the tremendous interest, we encourage you to book your travel early to secure your spot.

The Island Experience is a unique adventure spa and fitness program that takes place on the spellbinding island paradise Ihla Grande, just off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Our unique programs are designed to rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit while enjoying the beauty of the island's pristine rainforest, white powder beaches, and warm, tranquil waters.

This seven day program is designed to detox your body and destress your mind. The combination of outdoor exercise, yoga and meditation, together with a natural diet has proved to have extraordinary health and healing effects.

We invite you down to this beautiful part of the world to help you elevate your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Share it with others, have lots of fun and adventure. Come join us for a week!
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Ilha Grande is located 100 miles south of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The district is known as “The Caribbean of Brazil” and boasts over 350 different islands within the region.

Ilha Grande is famous for its 106 beaches, 56 waterfalls, caves and rivers. The Brazilian Government protects it as a wildlife reserve. Ilha Grande is also home to the “Mata Altantica” or Atlantic Rainforest. Currently, only 5% of the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest remains. Ilha Grande is one of the last refuges that host one of the richest ecosystems on the planet.
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The Island Experience 7 Day Spa Program

Rates start from US$ 1,925 to US$ 2,900 per person per week, depending on the type of occupancy and length of stay.

Package Inclusions:
• 7 Day/6 Nights Accommodation
• Private Room and bath overlooking ocean, air conditioning and ceiling fan
• Spa area: swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna facing the ocean
• All Meals, juices, mineral water and snacks everyday (mainly vegetarian spa cuisine developed by on-site nutritionist)
• More than 6 hour per day of supervised activities (trekking, kayaking and snorkeling)
• Daily yoga classes (two per day)
• Three full body massages (one hour each)
• Various recreational activities (Capoeira, live music, Brazilian dance, painting, etc)
• Round trip transfer from Rio de Janeiro airport or hotel to the island

Not Included:
• Airfares to Rio de Janeiro
• Travel Insurance

• Programs are available from 1st March through to December annually
• Programs start on a Sunday and conclude on a Saturday
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Whilst guests usually stay or 1 to 2 weeks, shorter times can be negotiated. EARLY BIRD discounts and Special Offers may also be available, on request.
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